Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aerated wastewater treatment systems are the most common septic solution for properties not connected to sewer.

An aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) can be described as a on-site "mini treatment plant" that treats all the wastewater from your home.

AWTS are designed to treat wastewater to a higher environmental standard than a septic tank.

A septic tank is only primary treatment whilst an AWTS is both primary and secondary treatment.

Aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) are also known as:

  • Onsite sewage management systems (OSSM)
  • Onsite sewage facilities (OSSF)
  • Aerobic septic systems
  • Onsite wastewater management and disposal systems

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FujiClean AWTS
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How aerated wastewater treatment systems work

Diagram showing how aerated wastewater treatment systems work (AWTS)

What is wastewater?

Wastewater includes all the black water (sewerage from toilets) and the greywater (from kitchen sinks, hand basins, laundry, washing machines, dishwashers, showers and baths).

Wastewater travels through the sewer line into the AWTS tank where it is aerated and broken down.

The treated wastewater is then dispersed to the designated disposal area of the property, typically via subsurface drip, surface irrigation or trenches.


Wastewater sources in the home

The majority of wastewater in the home is produced from the bathrooms, including showers, basins and baths, totalling approximately 38%.

This is closely followed by toilet wastewater, at approximately 32%. 

Laundry follows at 23%, including washing machine and handwashing usage. 

Finally wastewater from the kitchen is the smallest source, at approximately 7%.

Ref: LanFax Labs


Types of AWTS systems

Fuji Clean AWTS system in NSW


FujiClean aerated septic systems are designed in Japan and manufactured in Australia.

With over 60 years experience, FujiClean is one of world’s leading manufacturers of on-site domestic wastewater treatment systems.

FujiClean installs over 50,000 septic systems each year and there are over 2 million systems (both domestic and commercial) in operation around the world.

FujiClean manufactures systems that are compact, visually discreet, reliable and better for the environment.



  • Lightweight single tank
  • Ease of installation can be lifted and placed anywhere on your property.
  • No need for large crane delivery truck, a small excavator is all you need.

Visually discrete

  • No large tanks on display or concrete lids
  • Takes up less area in your garden or lawn


  • Low operating and running costs
  • Suitable for solar powered properties
  • Treatment process is within a single tank

Environmentally friendly

  • FujiClean technology produces high quality treated effluent water that can be reused on your property for lawns, gardens and paddocks.
  • Many of the internal components are produced from recycled material
  • Less carbon footprint compared with poly and concrete manufacturing processes
  • FujiClean 1200ACE Domestic AWTS is 100% compatible with homes using a stand alone solar power system (please see FAQs for more information)


  • Designed in Japan
  • Effectively handles shock loading
  • Japanese dependability, quality and performance
  • Compact alarm panel with battery backup for your security

Energy consumption

  • Most energy efficient air blower of any wastewater treatment system. Uses only 52 watts compared to the typical 80 watts of other systems.

Proven design

  • Over 60 years experience with wastewater treatment
  • Approval in all states of Australia and exceeds current testing parameters for treated water quality.
  • 50,000 installations per year worldwide and over 2 million systems installed internationally


  • 15 years structural tank warranty
  • 2 years warranty for electrical components

Primary Septic Chamber

The wastewater enters the chamber via the sewer pipe inlet, the solids separate from the wastewater and settle to the bottom. A crust layer will then form across the top of the wastewater.

Secondary Septic Chamber

A baffle between the primary and secondary chamber prevents solids entering the secondary chamber. This chamber settles the wastewater before flowing to the aeration chamber. 

Aerobic Chamber

The aeration chamber is the largest single chamber in the tank. It has media modules that provide a surface area for the bacteria to attach to. The aeration pump provides oxygen to stimulate the bacteria. This is the secondary treatment process to further breakdown the wastewater.

Clarification Chamber

Is a final settling chamber to capture and return accumulated sludge back to the primary and aeration chambers. The water then passes through the chlorine cannisters before entering the final irrigation chamber.

Pump Chamber

The wastewater moves all around the tank by gravity finishing in the final pump chamber. When the water rises it will activate the pump float turning the pump on until the water is pumped out. The pump will turn on and off automatically.

There is a separate high water alarm float that will alarm if the water is too high, normally caused by a loss of power to the tank, failed pump, broken pipe or filter/irrigation blockage.

Ultraclear AWTS system in NSW


Single tank septic system, concrete design and extremely well built in South East NSW.

Ultraclear provides long term reliability, clean water, low running costs and ease of servicing and maintenance.



  • Well built solid concrete construction and design
  • Proven performance has made Ultraclear a popular choice with plumbers and builders
  • Quality pumps, aeration and control unit

Strong performance

  • Large media modules in aeration chambers for high bacteria activity resulting in low nitrogen output and cleaner water
  • Suitable for larger homes and high usage
  • Ease of service


  • Designed to last, with 15 years structural tank warranty and 2 years warranty for electrical components

All household wastewater and solids including bath, shower, toilet, washing machine, dishwasher, etc enter the primary chamber of the system where the digestion process takes place.

The presence of aerobic and anaerobic micro organisms breaks down waste to an inert state. A final disinfection agent is used before the safe, clean, treated effluent is irrigated onto lawn and gardens, according to government regulations.

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BluenGrey AWTS in NSW


  • "Super professional and experienced"

    “Rod Wilks and the crew at BluenGrey put in a massive water tank for us after our old concrete tank began to leak. We were caught north of the Qld border the whole time but just a phone call was all that was needed for Rod and the team to take care of everything for us during our absence, including design, liaison with manufacturers, site preparation and integrating the new tank with existing lines. We genuinely recommend this business to anyone who wants a super professional and experienced outfit for everything tanks and septics.”

    – Bernie and Deb Morrison, Kianga.

  • "I can’t recommend BluenGrey highly enough"

    “BluenGrey are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their Service Technicians are always professional and reliable, and I like to know that our wastewater system is looked after so we’re always meeting our Council’s regulations. I feel reassured knowing I can call on them should I have any worries about our system, and especially that they can respond to emergencies.”

    – Emma, Shoalhaven

  • "BluenGrey are a great ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices"

    “Having made the decision to move to a semi-rural property at Yass we investigated options for our grey and rain water requirements. We approached BluenGrey who provided a range of options for us to select from. Their personal and professional approach, which included on-site meetings, ultimately led us to choose to proceed with BluenGrey who offered a ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices. The installation was trouble free and their follow-on service and advice has been excellent. We are completely satisfied with the BluenGrey services and have no hesitation in recommending them to future customers.”

    – Col and Anne Eade

  • "Rod’s expertise is exceptional"

    “We would like to thank Rod for all his guidance and patience while we were investigating water and sewerage systems, and asking a myriad of questions. We had never built before and knew nothing about what we needed for water and sewerage, so Rod was a fountain of knowledge. His expertise has been exceptional. Both the water tank and the sewerage system were installed hassle-free and passed Council inspection without any issues. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Rod when he visits to do the necessary checks and balances of our sewerage system”

    – Melissa and Scott Jobson, Tapitallee

  • "BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect"

    “From our initial conversations through to final installation BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect, and courteous and obliging with regards to my requirements. Work commenced on time as planned with pictures texted through to us during the installation showing progress. All in all job a well done with zero issues. I would recommend BluenGrey to anyone considering waste disposal units and / or rainwater tanks.”

    – Steven Hawke, Longbeach