BluenGrey is approved and accredited for servicing aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS).

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Need a regular service for your AWTS?

NSW Health and local Councils require aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) to be serviced by an approved agent such as BluenGrey, every 3 months, at the expense of the property owner.

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Got a problem or emergency?

Worried about your AWTS or septic tank? Is your alarm light on? Call our BluenGrey servicing team on 1300 764 558 if you have a problem with your system. Our fully equipped team of locally based Service Technicians will respond quickly to any problem or emergency.

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Need your system to comply with Council?

Your Council may require particular maintenance or repairs to your system. BluenGrey can do what is required to ensure it complies. Simply email us the letter Council sends you and we can take it from there, including responding to Council on your behalf.

Why does my AWTS need servicing?

As an owner of an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS), you are responsible for ensuring that your septic system is safe and well maintained. A failing septic system is a health risk for your family, community and may cause harm to the environment

Under NSW Health legislation, AWTS must be serviced every 3 months. 

Servicing of your AWTS is essential to ensure it continues to work properly and to avoid problems and blockages.

See our FAQs and useful resources about servicing

BluenGrey Expert Septic Servicing South Coast NSW
A BluenGrey Specialist Providing AWTS Service in NSW

AWTS servicing

At BluenGrey, we take pride in the quality service and advice that our experienced and qualified Service Technicians provide. BluenGrey keeps your system working with good advice and reliable, professional servicing. Our customer service scheduling system and 1300 764 558 number means we always have your account and system information on hand, ready to help.

What is covered in regular services

At each service, one of BluenGrey’s professional Service Technicians will inspect your system to ensure it is working properly. For full details of what is included in these regular services, see our Servicing Guide.

As an AWTS owner you have responsibiltiesYour responsibilities as an AWTS owner are:

  • Never turn off the system
  • Ensure the system is inspected every 3 months by BluenGrey
  • Fix the system when problems are reported
  • Pump out the system when sludge levels are med-high and when recommended by BluenGrey (typically every 3–5 years)
  • Comply with Council’s request for inspections or maintenance
  • Ensure Australian Standard warning signs are visible ('Recycled water, avoid contact, do not drink' in white lettering on green background)
  • Replace the aeration, irrigation and sludge pumps when they reach the end of their life and are no longer operational
  • Maintain and protect the absorption field and irrigation area
A BluenGrey Specialist Responding to an Aerated System Alarm Callout


If your system's alarm is sounding or you notice any of the warning signs below, please contact our servicing team on 1300 764 558 or email Your system may need a new pump or a repair of worn out parts. Our local Service Technicians can quickly respond. Remember, a healthy AWTS is important for the environment and your family's health!

Warning signs of a system problem
  • Bad smells and odour from the tank and irrigation area
  • Wet and soggy ground
  • Untreated sewage overflowing form the tank
  • Blocked sewer lines between your house and septic system
  • Toilets not flushing properly.
  • Have your AWTS serviced every 3 months
  • Read and print our simple Do’s & Don’ts guide
  • Respond to BluenGrey or Council's recommendations about your AWTS
  • Pump out and desludge the tank when recommended
  • Never turn the system off
  • Clear sprinkler heads if blocked between services
  • If you have subsurface irrigation, clean irrigation filters at least monthly
  • Comply with Council’s request for inspections or maintenance.
BluenGrey Providing Pre-Purchase Inspection for an AWTS Septic System

Pre-purchase septic reports

If you are considering purchasing a property with a septic system, we can provide you with a report on how the system is working or what work may be required. It can prevent costly surprises after your property purchase!

BluenGrey's guide to septic systems

Resources & FAQ

Useful guides and Council information, and answers to the most common questions we get asked about servicing of AWTS and septic tank systems.

Need your septic system pumped out?

It's is a requirement under NSW Health that all aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) are serviced every three months. BluenGrey keeps your system working with good advice and reliable, professional servicing.

BluenGrey Septic Tank Pump Out in South NSW


  • "Super professional and experienced"

    “Rod Wilks and the crew at BluenGrey put in a massive water tank for us after our old concrete tank began to leak. We were caught north of the Qld border the whole time but just a phone call was all that was needed for Rod and the team to take care of everything for us during our absence, including design, liaison with manufacturers, site preparation and integrating the new tank with existing lines. We genuinely recommend this business to anyone who wants a super professional and experienced outfit for everything tanks and septics.”

    – Bernie and Deb Morrison, Kianga.

  • "I can’t recommend BluenGrey highly enough"

    “BluenGrey are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their Service Technicians are always professional and reliable, and I like to know that our wastewater system is looked after so we’re always meeting our Council’s regulations. I feel reassured knowing I can call on them should I have any worries about our system, and especially that they can respond to emergencies.”

    – Emma, Shoalhaven

  • "BluenGrey are a great ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices"

    “Having made the decision to move to a semi-rural property at Yass we investigated options for our grey and rain water requirements. We approached BluenGrey who provided a range of options for us to select from. Their personal and professional approach, which included on-site meetings, ultimately led us to choose to proceed with BluenGrey who offered a ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices. The installation was trouble free and their follow-on service and advice has been excellent. We are completely satisfied with the BluenGrey services and have no hesitation in recommending them to future customers.”

    – Col and Anne Eade

  • "Rod’s expertise is exceptional"

    “We would like to thank Rod for all his guidance and patience while we were investigating water and sewerage systems, and asking a myriad of questions. We had never built before and knew nothing about what we needed for water and sewerage, so Rod was a fountain of knowledge. His expertise has been exceptional. Both the water tank and the sewerage system were installed hassle-free and passed Council inspection without any issues. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Rod when he visits to do the necessary checks and balances of our sewerage system”

    – Melissa and Scott Jobson, Tapitallee

  • "BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect"

    “From our initial conversations through to final installation BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect, and courteous and obliging with regards to my requirements. Work commenced on time as planned with pictures texted through to us during the installation showing progress. All in all job a well done with zero issues. I would recommend BluenGrey to anyone considering waste disposal units and / or rainwater tanks.”

    – Steven Hawke, Longbeach