Aerated Septic System Dos and Don’ts

A comprehensive guide on how to maintain your Aerated Septic System and what products you can and can’t use. Many household products can kill the bacteria that your aerated septic system needs to work properly and break down waste. Keep your ongoing costs to a minimum by using a specialised technician and following these simple guidelines.



  • EVERY DAY – conserve water to avoid overloading your system and use biodegradable detergents that are low in phosphorus and sodium
  • EVERY MONTH – check your irrigation lines are clear and the sprinklers are working. Also clean the irrigation filters if you have sub-surface irrigation
  • EVERY 3 MONTHS – BluenGrey will come to inspect and service your system
  • EVERY 3-5 YEARS – contact BluenGrey to pump out the residual sludge in your tanks. Check your quarterly service reports to see if a pump out has been recommended
  • Do use low sodium, low phosphorous dishwasher powders such as Palmolive, Trix, Sunlight, Bushland, Morning Fresh or GreenApple*
  • Do use spray bottle type cleaners
  • Do spread your washing through the week instead of having one “wash day”
  • Do choose biodegradable low phosphorus products such as Dynamo, Coldwater Surf and Biozet*
  • Do clean with cream cleansers, a spray bottle type cleaner or a small amount of ordinary detergent
  • Do use bi-carb soda with a little water as an effective cleaner for toilets, baths & tiles


  • DON’T discard antibacterial wipes
  • DON’T overuse cleaning products
  • DON’T use cleaning agents containing bleach, disinfectant, nitrogen, phosphorus and caustic soda
  • DON’T use fabric softeners, whiteners or antibacterial products
  • DON’T switch the power to the aerated septic system off, even while on holidays
  • DON’T discard pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics down the drains
  • DON’T try to service the aerated septic system yourself
  • Don’t put fats and oils down the sink or drains
  • Don’t put food waste down the sink or drains
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Don’t use fabric softeners as they prevent your waste water being properly treated
  • Don’t use bleach or powders with added whiteners, antibacterial agents or disinfectants such as Napisan* or products containing Benzyl Alkonium Chloride (BKC)
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Don’t flush sanitary napkins, nappies, condoms, sanitary wipes down the toilet
  • Don’t use hair dye, Exit Mould or Domestos*
  • Don’t use commercial toilet or “blue” cleaners
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Don’t use recycled toilet paper

*Note: Not all suitable products are included on this list, this is a recommendation only.

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Servicing wastewater & septic systems

It is a requirement under NSW Health that all Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) are serviced every three months. BluenGrey keeps your system working with good advice and reliable, professional servicing.

  • Regular servicing of wastewater and septic systems
  • Specialist service for landlords and agents
  • Maintenance of water pumps, tanks and wastewater irrigation

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Rod's expertise is exceptional

We would like to thank Rod for all his guidance and patience while we were investigating water and sewerage systems, and asking a myriad of questions. We had never built before and knew nothing about what we needed for water and sewerage, so Rod was a fountain of knowledge. His expertise has been exceptional. Both the water tank and the sewerage system were installed hassle-free and passed Council inspection without any issues. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Rod when he visits to do the necessary checks and balances of our sewerage system. 

– Melissa and Scott Jobson, Tapitallee

BluenGrey are a great ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices

Having made the decision to move to a semi-rural property at Yass we investigated options for our grey and rain water requirements. We approached BluenGrey who provided a range of options for us to select from. Their personal and professional approach, which included on-site meetings, ultimately led us to choose to proceed with BluenGrey who offered a ‘one stop shop’ service at competitive prices. The installation was trouble free and their follow-on service and advice has been excellent. We are completely satisfied with the BluenGrey services and have no hesitation in recommending them to future customers."

– Col and Anne Eade 

BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect

 From our initial conversations through to final installation BluenGrey were very helpful in every respect, and courteous and obliging with regards to my requirements. Work commenced on time as planned with pictures texted through to us during the installation showing progress. All in all job a well done with zero issues. I would recommend BluenGrey to anyone considering waste disposal units and / or rainwater tanks.

– Steven Hawke, Longbeach

I can't recommend BluenGrey highly enough

BluenGrey are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their Service Technicians are always professional and reliable, and I like to know that our wastewater system is looked after so we're always meeting our Council's regulations. I feel reassured knowing I can call on them should I have any worries about our system, and especially that they can respond to emergencies.

– Emma, Shoalhaven

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